Best Social Media Platforms for Business : Quarantine Edition

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“Quarantine” is the most heard word in the world right now. If mass media introduced the term, social media made it the talk-of-the-town with its own curation of the issue on COVID-19 virus a.k.a. Corona virus outbreak. The pandemic issue’s global occurence has shut people inside their doors and social media just decided to open their only doors to non-boredom. Reported as the peak of social media activity across history, it is just the right time to hit the Social Media Platforms for your business.

The “Stay home” scenario has made the social media statistics hit high on graph and the digital marketers have been more active than ever. If you are in the digital career or an entrepreneur in lookout for audience, and haven’t got started on your social media work already, it’s high time that you do!

Explore the top 9 Social Media platforms for business that you’re dreaming about:


Monthly Active Users: 2.23+ Billion

Demographics: Men & Women

Age Group: 18-65+

A statistical data from webfx

Facebook, the social media king with the most universal audience must be the topmost priority for every business. With multiple options from accounts to pages, job postings to facebook ads, Facebook is one of the best social media platforms for business owners and business strategists.

The Facebook business essentials:

  • Create a page for your business and get the details & description right.
  • “Add a Button” that leads to your official web platform and don’t miss the contact details.
  • Have active posts on the page encompassing everything from campaigns to trends. Get a good digital marketing company to win the strategies.
  • Make your talent pool public. Utilise “Jobs” to reach the maximum.
  • Make sure you have a “Facebook business” account. Get your advertisements in line with your strategies.
  • Dedicate a social media management team for efficient lead conversion and business record.


Monthly Active Users: 1+ Billion

Demographics: Men & Women

Age Group: 18-64

Instagram, the millennial favourite has won the hearts of the young audience with visual values that speak business in a way understood by every user. The “swipe” culture gives a great platform for businesses, especially startups with a completely user-friendly experience, opening up opportunities for new customers with every activity. All you need is a strong blend of graphic & content to get started!

The Instagram business essentials:

  • Open an Instagram business account with the graphically rich content.
  • Have a frequent look at the insights to your right.
  • Experiment Instagram grid and other posting trends.
  • Stay active through stories and highlight the best.
  • Use IGTV to make your video marketing count & don’t forget to make your audience aware of your business with cross-promotional attempts.
  • Have your take on “Instagram ads” to make your every step count.
  • Hunt for some Instagram Influencers to get a hold on long-set indirect marketing.
  • Aim at increasing your followers to win the brand name.


Monthly Active Users: 1.9+ Billion

Demographics: Men & Women

Age Group: 18-65+

Youtube, the winner of video marketing of the 21st century is the best way your business can establish a connection with your audience. With the power of videos that has taken up almost 90% of global preference, youtube is one of the best social media platforms for your business that could be the literal voice of your brand.

The Youtube business essentials:

  • Start your Youtube channel and announce!
  • Make sure your brand communication has been well thought about, because this will be permanent.
  • Connect with youtube influencers to get the people talking.
  • Focus on custom content rather than direct marketing since it is they best workable idea on a video platform.
  • Don’t forget to be active.
  • Use youtube videos as a cross-promotional base for every next marketing campaign of yours!


Monthly Active Users: 303+ Million

Demographics: Men & Women

Age Group: 25-64

LinkedIn, the world famous professional-only platform is a curated professional platform for your business giving a special focus on business development aspects. The “connection” culture of LinkedIn helps in bringing B2B business connections and brings a great professional reception among the peers. It is probably the only platform where scrolling is the longest, because, here, every subject counts.

The LinkedIn business essentials:

  • Get started with a LinkedIn page & get all the descriptive areas right.
  • Make frequent activities with regular posts.
  • Start connecting with the people in your business community.
  • Make the best use of “Jobs” section for efficient talent hunt.
  • Don’t restrict activity with posts. Achieve a true connection by responses on other connection’s posts.
  • Identify profiles of interest and try pitching to different people.


Monthly Active Users: 335+ Million

Demographics: Men & Women

Age Group: 18-49

Twitter, the celebrity-fame platform is highly regarded for genuinity and status. A company’s presence in twitter makes it have a reachable voice, noticeable by millions. As a yet another B2B friendly platform, twitter is the core of brand communications with announcements being primary.

The Twitter business essentials:

  • Start a twitter account and make it “look official”.
  • Re-analyse your brand communications before you start tweeting!
  • Keep the 270-word restriction in mind, whenever you come up with ideas.
  • Dedicate workforce for interaction and response to comments/queries.
  • Keep your Online Reputation Management (ORM) on pace.


Number of monthly users: 300+ Million

Demographics: Women

Age Group: 18-64

Pinterest, the image search engine for all the starterprenuers, is the best means of “showing off” for any business. With a high number of visitors from the blogger and influencer population, this is one among the most ideal social media platforms for business that is more towards creativity & visual values. Pinterest ads are a must-try options if your company wants to test its take on reach and reception.


Monthly Active Users: 1.5+ Billion

Whatsapp, the global messaging platform that has set new levels of communications with free messages and calls, has now taken the “story” culture by storm, making it a micro-focusing platform for indirect branding/marketing attempts, where it is not the influencers but the contacts driving the business culture. Marketing executives and business developers take freedom with the free platform to achieve a rapport with the prospective clients and score high on lead conversion at business settings.

Have you had your hand on all these platforms for your business? Make the best our of the lockdown period and get your social drive started!

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Akshaya Muralikumar, A graduate architect turned writer, specialises writing in Architecture, Construction, Digital Marketing and allied subjects, with an eye for essence in the words. Being "An Architect of Thoughts", she has had her vibrant thoughts transform into words, across multiple blog and magazine platforms.

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