Get followers on Instagram: 9 Techniques you must Apply

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Just started an Instagram page? Craving to get followers on Instagram who could get value from your awesomeness? We get it.

We took an attempt to decode the process.

Instagram, being the instant access for every mind of the 21st century is one multifaceted platform flooding with everything from businesses to individuals, all with a unique need of theirs. Though simple to look at, it ain’t any easy to get followers on Instagram. Especially when the aim is to get followers on Instagram for free, an overdose of study and techniques that work is almost quintessential.

Creating an Instagram account and getting it in the public view is technically possible with seconds but how long does it take to reach the first 100 followers on Instagram?

If differs. Even though your content might be great, the nascent Instagram page of yours might take quite some time to get to the right people. That is where the story begins.

The right audience needs to know. So, let them!

Get followers on instagram

#1. Boost through Instagram promotion get new followers!

This is for the basics.

overhead-view-hand-analyzing-instagram-graph - Get followers on Instagram

Before you take time to comprehend the best way to get followers on Instagram for free, try the paid promotion to boost the reach. Create a strong base by making your page the well informative Instagram page and load the information.

Let people know the right details of your business or interest once they reach the ad. When the subject comes to the ads on Instagram, it is all taken care of. Just some affordable paid promotion and your page will be good to go!

What you could do:

  • Check Instagram insights. Click on the blue button reading “Promotion” and choose from the options to promote your page and find you are the way to get the first 1000 followers on Instagram.
  • Join hands with other pages across your genre, that offer to feature your page to their existing set of followers.

Recommendation: Choose this only when you’re feeling the pressure of the clock ticking and in need of instant fast-paced reach. Anyways, it could be one effective strategy in laying the foundation of your page on social media grounds. (Because people actually get to see you!)

You could also use various other strategies for lead generation that outpace both time and affordability.

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#2. Add your website link to the bio

When people see it, they tap their way to enter your Instagram page. The first thing that strikes the eye is the bold Bio on the white background crowning the cluster of colored imagery on your page.

“The first impression is the best impression” has to come into effect now.

What you could do:

Create the best first impression with CLEAR CONTENT. State the basics.

  • Mention your category. With the appreciable design of the Instagram features as such, you get to highlight your category in a gray text right below your Instagram page name. Choose from the existing list from Instagram and join the fraternity.
  • Clearly elaborate on your business services. People look for what they want. Be it you or me. So get the right image with a clear communication rather than a high focus on ‘your way of telling’. Because people understand what gets into their mind in that instance.
  • State the subjects and take the stories to your posts or even your Instagram story!
  • When you post a story, don’t forget to highlight it. Also, choose the best graphics that make it visible even before clicking.
  • Mention in points or bulletins. Did you know that a person spends just 8 seconds on one visual on social media? If you need to squeeze through the timed view and get the focus, be direct. Get things clear with separation by points or bulletins. You could take the storytelling with the sequence of strategies used in Instagram posts.
  • Use the right emojis. Remember that the emojis don’t stop with smileys but go to solid shapes and colors that could be a visually appealing way to separate your words.

Get these right and get followers on Instagram shooting up to great numbers.

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#3. Choose the right brand image and style!

Instagram, having come up with the idea of taking forward the visual communication has an immense focus on visual quality.

“A picture speaks a thousand words”

Your post has to speak and for it to speak, there needs to be a set language, a set style. Creating the right expression of the brand and its meaning relies entirely on the visuals that need to be carefully designed. Focus on going beyond the instant engagements and target getting into the memory of people.

Just remember how Sabyasachi takes the internet by storm with the ‘making videos’ and ‘Indianized faces’ to get the fashion sense deep into the people’s minds. Can you believe, they have a swarming 3.7m followers on Instagram!


What you could do:

  • Get your logo in place. It also manages the copyright issues.
  • You could use Instagram’s inbuilt personalization features at a beginner stage to give a certain identity to your posts.
  • Explore the best software for editing. Adobe Lightroom is one succor at hand.

Recommendation: Get your own theme. Colors and fonts are perceived better and can help you get followers on Instagram fast. Remember to take psychological considerations, for some colors are more relatable than others.

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#4. Drive more followers from your Facebook page

While still in the nascence, let your Instagram page connect with your existing pages on Facebook to get the existing followers to the right place. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for owning Instagram along with facebook, for now, you can actually dream to get 10k followers on Instagram. But before that, get first 1000 followers on Instagram with ease by connecting with your Facebook page.

What you could do:

  • Find the option to create or connect with your facebook page amongst the Instagram features.
  • You could also link your Instagram account through facebook page’s “Learn moreor any other chosen gateway that could lead your followers on facebook to your Instagram page.

10k Followers on facebook = min. 5k Followers on Instagram

(only with this method!)

If you do not have an existing Facebook page for your business, why refrain from doing now? Because this will eventually let you get more followers on Facebook too!

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#5. Look for things that attract your followers on Instagram

steal the trending - Get followers on instagram

As obscure as it sounds, it is one effective way to get organic followers on Instagram. When something strikes the trend and gets every person talking, put your target on that because now, all eyes are on that. Remember, People, crave for information.

“People crave information.”

Especially when something gets trending on Instagram, Facebook or any social media for that matter, people search for every ounce of information they could get on that. In this case, hashtags pave the way. They search with hashtags for all the information their mind craves. Even if on an unrelated subject, a connection to that would reach better to the agitated mind of the people.

This way you could get new followers on Instagram fast, that fall even outside your set target audience.

What you could do:

  • Find ways to connect with the trending topic, such as using similar words or imagery just to add some flavor to your subjects!
  • Use that on your hashtag.
  • Hit the emotions! People could relate better to things that are connected with their emotions. Come with quality content unleashing the expression and the spotlights are all yours!

(Remember the Jallikattu issue in Tamilnadu, India? Even if every person doesn’t participate in that, we could never give up on OUR CULTURE. Emotions rule!)

Recommendation: DO NOT get carried away! DO try to get organic followers on Instagram.

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#6. Tell stories on the Instagram story Regularly!


Story telling - Get followers on instagram

This 24-hour feature on Instagram is one quick peek into the day’s story of every person that people follow. What could connect more than reminding people of you and keep them engaged by your display on their story lane? Being one of your Instagram followers, even if they miss a tap on one story, they see your Instagram story coming next. So why miss the chances?

Connect to your audience and stay connected. Never leave your page dormant! Just keep posting every new thing you could come up with to get organic followers on Instagram that prove valuable!

What you could do:

  • Make the best use of the features on Instagram. You could customize your strategically done creatives and make it more appealing and relatable to the users!
  • Explore the options to highlight your Instagram story to make it prominent! You can also archive Instagram stories to refer to them in the future.
  • Do not forget to keep the “Share story” option on, so that your followers on Instagram can spread the word to the rest.

Why not an IGTV video?

We all know about the fact that Instagram comes with the timing restrictions just like any other platform. Though promising a great user experience, it’s quite sad for the marketers. But with the new IGTV feature, we could actually put on a long elaborate video for your followers on Instagram.

Even better, lesser competition is among the IGTV videos and there are greater chances for the audience to spot you! (Both your followers and non-followers on Instagram).

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#7. Leverage Influencer marketing to grow Instagram followers!

Influencer marketing - Get followers on instagram

Discovering the right target audience takes you almost halfway through. Along with that, find the influencer for your target audience. ANALYSE! See and read in comments what people like in them, how they’re engaged. Because strategies differ according to the subject and one must take enough effort to understand before getting on the action part.

What you could do:

  • Connect with your fellas! Become engaged in their platform of the large audience so that some could actually look at you in the process!
  • Try getting featured in key pages to get the people knowing! Every Instagrammer has its own way of featuring policies. Find one that works the best for you.
  • Even better, try mutual featuring. (Remember the barter system? The history is just back!)

Recommendation: You could REPOST to other’s posts. This is one great way to literally earn your audiences.

Because people who don’t know you, might know the people who you know.

(This might seem like a tongue twister but trust us, it works without twists!)

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#8. Do giveaways to attract more followers on Instagram

But why?

“41% instagrammers follow or would follow a brand to benefit from the special offers.”

Anything complimentary escalates the interest of a person. It can be anything from a huge offer to a simple giveaway. Strategic planning such as such events could improve the rate at which your page’s fame reaches from people to people. Thanks to the tiny paper-rocket button that lets you share every post or story to others, almost instantly. You could also give a certain request or a guideline that includes people to share your page’s details on their account!

What you could do:

Follow the regular ritual that pages do with the below details.

  • Share on your Instagram story.
  • Tag us on your Instagram post.
  • Post about us on your Instagram feed.

You could expand to other platforms too!

  • Share on your facebook timeline.
  • Share on Twitter.

Recommendation: Add the tag of the limited edition to your offers and see the proliferating followers count on your page! This makes the people act quickly and hence, share quick!

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9. Timing is everything!

While you do all of these, check the timing. It is the age-old Marketing Mantra! Pick the right seasons, right events and occasions when the posts will prove extremely effective.

You’ll have to figure out your own priority of timings!

Recommendation: Go with the transition. Change along with the seasons and trends.

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Akshaya Muralikumar, A graduate architect turned writer, specialises writing in Architecture, Construction, Digital Marketing and allied subjects, with an eye for essence in the words. Being "An Architect of Thoughts", she has had her vibrant thoughts transform into words, across multiple blog and magazine platforms.


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