Skills required for Digital Marketing

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Skills required for Digital Marketing
Skills required for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, the upgrade of conventional marketing in line with the digital world, is the newest way to build a business that could thrive in the world of competition. Amidst being a growing profession found only in the recent years, there are a unique set of skills required for Digital Marketing that makes it a successful independent discipline.

Amidst independency as a discipline, it is seen with a inter-dependency on various skill-sets, typically set out across marketing, public relations, graphic design and writing among various other fields. Wondering how various fields mould their nature to become the skills required for digital marketing?

Listen from the digital experts at Digiketers who bring you the actual big picture. The key skillset is the creation of talent melange ranging from Ad expertise till content development.

1. Advertising across channels : Ad expert team

Driving the leads.

The A of Digital marketing is undoubtedly ‘Advertising’.


When the A gets right, the Z does too.

The core of digital marketing lies in the advertising. The more people get to see, the more things sell. While Ads might be perceived as a mere display for the audience, it takes a lot of building starting from the choice of audience in itself.

Balancing the budget while achieving the maximum reach is key.

Skills required for digital marketing are primarily decided by the knack of exploring the right platform, right audience under the right budget. Bet it the google ads that cover every generic audience group or the social media ads that cover the socially active audience groups.

Hard skill 1: Grasp Google ads along with trendsetting Social Media ads on Facebook, Instagram and other significant platforms, while making them specific to the targeted demographics.

Hard skill 2: Employ proven techniques in bringing a low CPL (Cost per Lead) coupled with high lead numbers.

Do you want to improve leads? Listen to what the ad expert team at Digiketers has to say. Achieve seamless lead generation for your business.

2. Marketing channel expertise : Business Development team

Understanding the brands.

The B of Digital marketing is undoubtedly ‘Business Development’.


The value of marketing lies in the core of subject ie. understanding of the brands. While the in-depth analysis of the specific brand proves significant, a brief understanding and proven expertise in the brand category meets the mandatory. Since every marketing campaign is driven by ‘how the client works’, a previous knowledge in the category will ease everything from milestone planning till efficiency of technique. Along with the advantages, knowledge of even the forthcomings, minimise the damage from limitations. An overall clarity is thus brought by.

As an illustration, Digiketers’ expertise in construction-design sectors could be contemplated. With established knowledge in the industry function, nature of leads, frequency of engagement, determining the target audience, tackling the CPL and an overall upbringing of ROI driven marketing, Digiketers has excelled with its proficiency in the sector, with clients across Real Estate, Construction, Architecture, Interior Design and more.

Hard skill 1: Business-savvyness coupled with the understanding of the marketing funnel, in making it big in business collaborations and client work execution.

Hard skill 2: Strong blend of client relations and management in bringing the coast-to-coast understanding of the brand.

3. Comprehensive strategizing of matter : Content team

Managing the marketing umberellas.

The C of Digital marketing is undoubtedly ‘Content management’.


Content, being the KING, leads the Digital Marketing reign with the extensive collection of powerful words, SEO friendly structures, strategic management & support to every adjacent skill and much more. With the power to be the core weightage where other skills required for digital marketing point to, it stays KINGly by being the point of public reception capturing direct vision of the user.

Digital Marketing is where tech-savvyness stays ahead of grammar.


More than being right, the content has to be right to the brand on focus and the audience. A smart play of words, brand memory, relatability and humour makes content rule.

Hard skill 1: Communicate with words that are in line with marketing milestones that reflect the brand’s voice with clarity, quality and wit.

Hard skill 2: Subject matter expertise with which brand resonance could be achieved with ease.

4. Compelling analytical skills : SEO team

Keeping things on track.

Apart from the mandatory A, B and C of Digital Marketing , a set of supporting skills bring the completion to the Digital Marketing skill sets. SEO is one such support which is almost like the backbone of skills required for digital marketing.

While marketing subjects might get scattered across digital channels, SEO Search Engine Optimisation builds the link between them. It does the study of Google and other search engine functions and brings the campaign to focus, ranking it at the top of the list, thereby bringing the right reach.

A high dose of analysis, moderate moderation, and a tinge of trending techniques, make SEO bind everything from websites, social media channels, till the blogs and guest posts.

Hard skill 1: Knowledge of Digital Marketing concepts revolving around ranking, traffic, followers and everything about reach.

Hard skill 2: Best implementation of proven methods and workable techniques in bringing constant progress in google and other searches.

Wanna go easy on marketing? Try Social Media Marketing with a little SEO twist.

5. Intermix of Creativity and Logic : Creative team

Right brain + Left brain at work.

When the core of digital marketing is set, a visual cover that adds value to its entirety, the creative image, takes over. Everything from the Graphics to the supporting content, their interplay and strategic approach in connecting with the user, makes the creative part, a key value-addition.

Did you know that Instagram gets its major follower base with its visual-dominated design? Learn more.

The brand face that meets and creates a relationship with the user is left at the hands of the creative team who design a brand’s voice by creating an engaging brand image. Be it a website’s aesthetic appeal or a social media campaign or Instagram-friendly grid concepts or the Facebook-ad-friendly 20% text visuals, the creative development manages the skills required for Digital Marketing, involved in the comprehensive conception of a user.

Hard skill 1: Ability to bring the blend of logic and creativity in creating a marketing product that reflects its nature and quality.

Hard skill 2: Ability to create an overall brand image with strategic implementations followed by a highly engaging visual appeal.

6. Tech-savvy & User-friendly: Web development team

Staying on top of the TRENDS CODES.

Though Digital Marketing builds the “reach“, where does the “reach” reach?

Web developers to the rescue!

Creating the right “landing” for the users influences the entire User Experience (UX). As the user reaches the “landing” for specific interest, that interest is contemplated in the ‘language of codes’ and directed. All along, there is a maintenance of the consistency and clarity in giving the required information. This promise of responding to every user’s requirement is achieved with a complete web design sticking to the user from end – to – end : Front end – to – Back end.

“Behind the scenes screens” is the success secret.


A website is an actual world, just as the url symbol. Taking a random user into the world of the brand where every feature of the brand doesn’t just catch the vision, but also an interest; is what web design revolves around.

Hard Skill 1: Build the brand’s face with web structures and interact with the users in a universal language – The Code Language

Hard Skill 2: Ability to manage, test and deploy the newest on digital trend.

The entire user journey revolves around multiple skills required for Digital Marketing: the departure is taken care by the Advertising, Travel by SEO, Arrival by Creative development and finally the landing destination by the web development. Rightly termed as “Driving” the user, the accumulation of skills required for Digital marketing, take responsibility of every user, by giving, curating and achieving satisfactory levels of brand understanding that has a long-term effect & engagement with the users.

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